About Us

The ISO-FÉM Ltd.founded in 1994 with a 100% privately-owned undertaking.

Our company’s profile:

  • Implementation of engineering heat insulations and sheet metal wrappings
  • Building engineering insulations and sheet metal wrapping ( cold and hot waters, heating cables, air technology systems, climate lines)
  • Insulation of industrial technological systems (refrigation systems, pipelines, fittings,boilers)
  • Insulations and wrapping of containers with any kind of size
  • Building outside insulation (facade coloration, fenestration exchange, heat camera using)
  • Enviroment protectial activity (the treatment of oil filth soil , Em-Bio using, biological ground cleaning)
  • Em-Bio application (it is a microorganism material)
  • Chemical agent and organic sorvents distribution (Methanol, Acetone, Glycol, IPA, ETAC)
  • Heat and plugging material  sale ( Rockwool, Isover, Consig, Kaiflex)


You can find more there:

4030 Debrecen, Bihari street 7.

Phone/Fax : (52) 437- 420

E-mail : hoszigeteles@iso-fem.hu

Webside : www.iso-fem.hu

Webmarket : www.embiodebrecen.hu, www.szigetelesaruhaz.hu